Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PETRONAS CNY Photography Contest: Reimagining Energy™

So, I joined this photography contest on PETRONAS's Facebook page. Although they haven't published it yet but basically what my picture is... well, it's actually spontaneous. Hahaha, I wasn't even planing on using it for anything. I was at Sunway Pyramid one day and saw this amazing decoration. 

I must say, Bravo to the people who did this decoration as it is truly stunning and very beautiful. It really captures the essence of both the Chinese New Year as the dragon, in my opinion is a symbol of strength, energy and honour and the year that we are in which people call the dragon year. Plus, this dragon, the eastern version is a lot more elegant then its western counterparts as portrayed in many paintings and story. Which I think is why I was so compelled to take a picture of this when I did... cause it Reimagines Energy

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Asyari Amir

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