Friday, April 08, 2011

Interview w/ Awi Rafael & The Runaways

This one is also long overdued from after the Sunday Afternoon Jam. Asyari Amir (AA), Awi Rafael (AR). Have a look;

AA: So, Awi, this is your first or second show? And before this how long have you been a band?

AR: This is our first show with this band. Also, this band was formed 3 days ago.

AA: So, this is literally your first show and this band was formed for this show.

AR: Yeah, as I’ve said this is our first show and thankfully this will be the complete band.

AA: So, have you had any vocal training before this as your vocals are quite strong and have you been with another band before?

AR: Haha, not really. I just sing in my bedroom and yes, I have been with another band before and so have my other current band members.

AA: So, what is your band name? Was there any rejected names? And is there any upcoming concert or album and such?

AR: Oh, the band name is Awi Rafael and the Runaways. One of the rejected name we had for the band was “the Everydays” but it felt a little small so we picked “the Runaways” instead. As for the other question, our album is coming up next month, music video coming out next week and the album launch schedule can be found on my Facebook,

So, for any updates check out their Facebook page: HERE and don't forget, SUPPORT OUR LOCAL ARTIST! :)

Asyari Amir

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