Sunday, August 04, 2013


Trying out Malaysian delicacies.

Yannick Bovy is dubbed as one of Belgium’s greatest musical talents and he has the looks, flair, charisma, the voice and the ability to melt females’ heart. This means that the chances of this young Belgian crooner soon becoming a national and international rising star are very strong.

He also described as Belgium's answer to Michael Bublé to which he answers with, “The timbre of my voice resembles Michael’s, but it’s not a matter of conscious imitation. I just feel completely at home in this genre.There’s a good reason that my motto is It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.”. With the statement being quite true as per last night's show. Even though he does sound like Michael when he sings one of Michael's song, his own songs are unique to his own voice and style.

Full house! 

 Performing wonderfully accompanied by our very own Ray Cheong

 Being asked a few questions during the interval.

 All smiles even though he's being swamped by fans during the autograph session.

Then there's JinnyBoy staring off into space.

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