Wednesday, August 07, 2013

POST-EVENT | PEACE Live at The Bee, Publika

Story & Photographs by Hidayah

Songs performed by Peace.
Peace, a 4 piece rock band from Birmingham, England, recently performed live at The Bee, Publika on the 5th of August, 2013. I was blessed to be placed on the guest list to witness these amazing and gifted young lads in action.

What's so amazing about them is that they stick to their convictions musically, and they bring hope to the ever changing music world, that indeed, classic rock is not dead. The show was opened by local band, Couple, to get the crowd fired up for the show, and there definitely was a lot of positive energy coming from both the performers and the crowd throughout the entire night.

Dumbfounded by the awesomeness of last night's show, I'm seriously at a loss for words. Here's some pictures I snapped! Most were monochromatic as lighting conditions were not optimal, unfortunately.

Dom, the drummer from Peace

Doug, the rhythm guitarist

Sam, the bassist

Harrison, the lead singer + lead guitarist.

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