Saturday, February 18, 2012

A date... I mean Interview with Najwa Latif. :P #MSMW2012

Me: So, when did you start youtubing?
Najwa Latif: Well, I started around 2 years ago.

Me: Okay, and what inspired you to do so?
Najwa Latif: Well, actually I started youtubing because of my dad and my sis. This one time I just started to learn how to play a guitar but so I was not very spirited to practice. But then my dad and my sis suggested like, "why don't you record yourself and put it on youtube? So, from there we can see how you are", and that was how it started.

Me: How long did it take you to learn to play like you are playing now?
Najwa Latif: About six months like that and I could play the guitar normally but only the simple chords and not the complicated ones as I haven't tried them yet.

Me: Okay. Oh, and what about your song, the song that boosted you to stardom, "Cinta Muka Buku". What inspired you to make that song? Was it from experience or made simply on a normal day?
Najwa Latif: *laughs* actually no. I discovered the melody to that song while I was just sitting around playing a cover of a Justin Bieber song. Then I got a simple melody and straight away called my sis, cause whenever I make a song I usually call my sister and she was on Facebook at the time. So, from there we got the idea. We don't have any experience of love on Facebook or anything like that, no. *giggles*

Me: *laughs* so, what are your plans after this if any?
Najwa Latif: Well, next week, Insyallah my third single will come out, "Kosong" and I guess that's about it for now. At the moment I'm busy promoting my third single, as well as my mini album which will come out in either the March or April.

Me: Alright. Finally, any words of inspiration to your fans out there?
Najwa Latif: If you feel like you have talent to sing, believe in yourself, keep going and don't be afraid to do anything. :)

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