Sunday, January 15, 2012

Simple Plan LIVE in KL feat. The Revellers

So last Saturday, I went for the Simple Plan LIVE concert over at the KL Live, Life Centre on Jalan Raja Chulan (i think). Anyway, it was definitely an awesome performance by Simple Plan and of course the local band opening, The Revellers. However, I have to say that The Revellers was a little lacking during the performance, they started off great with a cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" but when it came to their own songs, the vocalist's strong loud voice went under and I could barely make out what he was singing. Maybe it was the speakers or the microphone, I wouldn't know. Great performance either way.

Oh, I almost forgot! Way before the concert started, we were treated to a foot massage sponsored by of course the wonderful Tune Talk, here:

This was my first ever experience of a foot massage and it was an okay one. The masseuse that I got was a little harsh. It was of course unintentional I suppose but it kinda stinged a bit as he would sometimes massage the wrong area and press on my blood vessels. Maybe, I'm wrong and they are suppose to massage in those area, I wouldn't know cause I'm not a masseuse. I'm just sharing my experience with you all. Enjoy the photos below!

The Revellers performing a cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep"

 Pierre Bouvier singing his heart out to the fans.

Jeff Stinco making it look easy to be a rockstar.

The most under appreciated member any band, The Drummer. 
But Chuck Comeau still played it Like A Boss!

David Desrosiers backing up the song awesomely.

I had missed out a photo of one last but not least band member, S├ębastien Lefebvre as he was on the other side of the stage and it was packed! I could barely move around in there. Shows to say how awesome Simple Plan as the pictures tell us a thousand words. Well, that's all from me. See ya next time.

Asyari Amir

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