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Bloggers First Aid Workshop with MAHSA UC

Me along with several other bloggers. :)

Yesterday, I went to this Blogger's First Aid Workshop held at MAHSA UC on Jalan University and I tell you, it was definitely awesome and informative at the same time. I now know how to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or a.k.a. CPR on adults which is a really good thing cause you never know when you're going to need it.

Of course this was only the basics of the whole area on CPRs. A full course on CPR would take up to two (2) days+an exam at the end in which you will receive a certificate to show that you are a certified innocent bystander capable of performing a proper CPR when needed on anyone and everyone of different ages and gender. Below are pics of me learning to perform CPR properly as guided by the instructors.

 Try to wake up the unconscious person.

Check for breathing.

Tilt head back and give breath/Kiss of Life twice while checking the person's chest to make sure air is getting through. If not, reposition head.

Afterwards, check for a pulse in the neck area which if still not available, start doing compressions on the chest for thirty (30) times at a medium fast pace. Repeat 30:2 ratio for 5 times.

Afterwards, we had lunch and a tour of the MAHSA UC campus. It's really nice, beautiful and well equipped with state of the art IT equipments to help the students learn and understand easier as well as different useful facilities both education oriented and recreational.

The various clinics available for both private and public includes :

~ MAHSA Medical Clinics
~ MAHSA Dental OPDs
~ MAHSA Physiotherapy Centers
~ MAHSA and LIONS Eye Clinic

MAHSA also has international partnership with some of the top colleges in UK and US.

~ Northumbria University, UK – oldest partner; has approx. 1500 students studying in MAHSA. Largest international student body outside Northumbria, UK is in MAHSA.
~ Teesside University, UK – there has been over 500 students graduated from the Nursing Studies 4+0 program.
~ Liverpool John Moores University, UK – collaborator on the M Pharm program.
~ LIJ University, New York, USA – collaboration to deliver the Masters in Emergency Medicine to clinicians working in hospital set up.

Not forgetting that a place for interns as well as a job after all this, MAHSA is affiliated to a few of the big hospitals locally which in turn ensures that students will have plenty of chances to get hands on experience. These hospitals includes: 

~ KLGH (Kuala Lumpur General Hospital) which have been allocated to train MAHSA’s Medical, Dental and Physiotherapy students. 
~ There are also another 10 state general hospitals which MAHSA is affiliated with, for clinical placement and training.

MAHSA Open Day is coming up, so make sure to drop by and check out the place out should you be thinking of doing something relating to the medical field.

Open Day & Registration

Date : 10& 11 Sept 2011
Place : Jalan University Campus
Time : 9.00am -5.00 pm

Degree Intake  
~ BSC Bio Medical
~ BSC Medical Imaging
~ BSC Environmental Health
~ Date : 18 Sept 2011

Place : Jalan University Campus

Time : 9.00am -5.00 pm

Foundation in Sciene
Diploma in Nursing
Diploma in Allied Health

Now, Advertlets had this short video made and I hope you enjoy it. :)

Asyari Amir

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