Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fly.FM Campur Chart Gets Mashed

All Fly.FM listeners should know Fly.FM's Campur Chart and this coming Saturday Fly.FM will be bringing Campur Chart, LIVE at the Pavilion, KL with a little twist... without further a due, here it is, Fly.FM presents Campur Chart Gets Mashed!

Your probably wondering why "Mashed"? That's because it's gonna be mashed between genres of R&B vs Rock/Alternative. The list of contenders? Here ya go;

As usual, DO NOT FORGET to check out their Facebook pages and of course, if you like them then "LIKE" them. Now, these awesome people are gonna duke it out to see which genre Malaysia favors. You can definitely expect special performances from the 8TV Showdown’s 2010 champion Wakaka Crew and the heart pounding Tugu Drumline in between (One hell of an intermission huh?). All this will be broad casted LIVE from the venue with Hunny Madu, giving you real time updates on what is going down. Since you already know the "Who?" and the "What?" -- probably your asking these following questions as well, When? Where? How? and the most important... WHY?

Date: May 28th, 2011
Venue: Main Entrance, Pavilion, KL
Time: 8PM - 11PM
Tickets: You don't need one. This event is FREE!

"WHY?" you ask? I ask you "WHY NOT?" When else you gonna get something this good for FREE? So, come or else your gonna miss out!

*So, here's my dilemma... there's an equally awesome event just around the corner. Which do I attend? :/

Asyari Amir

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