Tuesday, February 04, 2014

POST-EVENT | The Devil Wears Prada LIVE in KL

So, the other day I went for a particular concert that I don't normally go to which was The Devil Wears Prada (TDWP) Live in KL. Thanks to Tune Talk and Fat Boys Malaysia of course for the opportunity. I have heard some of their songs previous to this concert and I do like some of it but not a hardcore fan. Also, their particular genre of melodic metalcore as I was told is a unique one. (I'm not that well informed of genres because I just listen to whatever as long as it's music to my ears so to speak)

Three opening bands performed that night in KL Live at the Life Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Those bands are Oh ChentakuThe Padangs, and Massacre Conspiracy before the main event.

Oh Chentaku

The Padangs

Massacre Conspiracy

The Devil Wears Prada

Hundreds of fans flooded the place as they headbanged, moshed and screamed together to songs from their favorite band. For myself, I met new people, old people and enjoyed the performances from all of them thoroughly.

Before I go, enjoy this video of TDWP band members at Tutti Frutti. :) Good day!

Video: Courtesy of Fat Boys Malaysia
Photography: Asyari Amir (8MP, iPhone 4S, Rear Camera)

Written by,
Asyari Amir

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