Thursday, July 07, 2011

Finale Party by REV-CUP Battle of the States

The party by Revive this year was AWESOME! Held at Euphoria by MOS, the Finale Party of the REV-CUP: Battle of the States started off with a blast and ended with a bang. Here's some photos of the event.

The Registration Booth

Rev'd Up Photo Gallery

Jin, Aznil & JJ along w/ some of the Winners.

Last but definitely not least the Battle of the States REV-CUP which was won by SELANGOR!

To those who missed this one, I'm telling you it was awesome, you also missed awesome performances by the artists below and hope that you will be going for next year's Finale Party which I think would be bigger, better & louder. :D

Hunny Madu


Pop Shuvit  ended the show w/ one of their awesomest song, Mira Bahaya.

Asyari Amir

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