Monday, June 06, 2011

Fly FM Mashed Up Campur Chart

Not so far back, a Saturday evening was made awesome for the people visiting the Pavilion in KL with the most excellent executed event that is the Fly FM Campur Chart Gets Mashed by yours truly Fly FM. The great battle ensued on May 28th 2011, just outside one of the famous hangout spots for teens between 2 genres, R&B and Rock/Alternative. The battle consisted of several famous locals which are;

James Baum

Paperplane Pursuit

Hunny Madu



Of course, not forgetting DJ Biggie and his beats that had people dancing all over. The combat was accompanied with a live broadcast as the studio of Fly FM was transported there to the audience, LIVE. Not forgetting we had awesome special performances by 8TV Showdown 2010 Champion, Wakaka Crew and an awesome percussion unit, Tugu Drum Circle in between battles. Overall, from the looks of the outcome, Hujan definitely nailed it even with their ever-so-tight schedules with the crowd going wild & singing along in sync during their performance. As for Fly FM, your event (Fly FM Campur Chart Gets Mashed) was definitely legend-waitforit-DARY. Hope you will have more events as awesome as this one. Photos courtesy of Fly FM. :)

Below are more photos for your leisure :D;


FlyFM (Malaysia's Hottest Music)

Hottie Hunny Madu hard at work. :D

Ignore these two retarded escaped mental patient that is @AsyariAmir91 & @Poison_Star (Zach)
*Yes, those are our Twitter Handle.

Paperplane Pursuit.

Ze Croud. So many strangers.

James Baum & Co.
Asyari Amir

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