Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nestle Drumstick®'s New Ice Cream & Contest

Nut lovers will go nutty over the newest ice cream which offers more crunch in each bite, the NESTLE DRUMSTICK® ALMOND THRILL! So, I went for the launch, of course I was late though cause I thought it was still the 19th before Becky called me and I was like "Aw man!". But, from the pictures that were taken it seems that it was truly fun and awesome and I just regret missing it. Besides the unique combination of textures and flavours that further emphasizes NESTLE DRUMSTICK®’s commitment to giving our customers the thrill of trying something new, this unveiling of the new ice cream also comes with a contest. I'll just incorporate some of the pics of the launch in this post. :p 

People registering for the NESTLE DRUMSTICK® ALMOND THRILL launch.

The NESTLE DRUMSTICK® ALMOND THRILL What’s Yours? Contest will offer ice cream lovers the chance to win prizes totaling RM57,000. Interested participants will have to convey how they would like to live their adventure with Nestle Drumstick®

Everyone is seated for the unveiling of NESTLE DRUMSTICK® ALMOND THRILL.

Photo op with the Exec. Director of the Ice Cream Division from NESTLE PRODUCTS SDN BHD, Chew Soi Ping along with dance crew, Elecoldxhot as well as Fire Eaters, Jugglers, and Street Magicians that performed.

They first need to ‘Like’ the NESTLE DRUMSTICK® Facebook fan page: HERE! and then register as a member of the NESTLE DRUMSTICK® ALMOND THRILL What’s Yours? Facebook Application: HERE! 

They must then upload a video – not more than two minutes long – based on the theme onto the Facebook app, or claim a video shot at any NESTLE DRUMSTICK® ALMOND THRILL What’s yours? On-ground event listed: HERE!

Everyone having lunch at the Fullhouse Cafe.

A participant playing one of the many games available for people to have fun with.

There you have it, steps on how to win prizes totaling RM57,000. So, what else are you waiting for? Go and win yourself some prizes while enjoying a NESTLE DRUMSTICK® ALMOND THRILL with the NESTLE DRUMSTICK® ALMOND THRILL What’s yours? contest. :)

Asyari Amir

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