Monday, May 23, 2011

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 returns BIGGER than ever. So, I went for the launch of Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 @ Phuture, Zouk Club, KL.

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Launch DJ Reeve & Sona One working the crowd 

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Launch LtoR Goldfish, Blink, Gary Yeoh (BCARD Executive Director), Cheong Cheng-Vei (Astro Hitz Channel Manager), Norizan Hassan (BCARD General Manager), Gabriel, DJ Reeve

The launch, hosted by Joey G, showcased DJ judges, Blink, Goldfish and Gabriel, previous Spin Master champion DJ Reeve, and Cheong Cheng-Vei, Channel Manager of Astro Hitz  discussing their experiences from the previous year, and excitedly anticipating the season to come. The grand prize of Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 was revealed: the champion wins an ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to London to spin a personal slot at the prestigious “Gallery” at the Ministry of Sound (MOS) London. Gavyn Mytchel, the resident DJ at the ʻGalleryʼ is happy to support the show with this partnership and is looking forward to introducing the new champion to the spoilt-by-the-best London crowd. Now, how awesome is that?!

The ever so beautiful Channel Manager of Astro Hitz, Cheong Cheng-Vei

Judge DJ Blink

Judge DJ Goldfish

Judge DJ Gabriel 

 The champion of original Astro Hitz Spin Master and also joining the judges rank in Astro Hitz Spin Master 2Judge DJ Reeve

Not forgetting the ever so awesome guy and the returning host in the Astro Hitz Spin Master show: Host Joey G

The winner of Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 will be spinning the turntable along with Resident DJ, Gavyn Mytchel at...

Now, all they need is the Malaysian public (that's you) to help with the selection of the 16 finalists (those are the participating DJs) who will be featured on the programme. This year, added pressure is on the public and the judges to find someone truly extraordinary, someone worthy of a representation on the decks to perform in London, as not only is Malaysiaʼs reputation on the line, but also the Asia Pacific region. Itʼs time for the DJ elections; ensure your vote is in by 2 June 20118 finalists are chosen by the judges, and the other 8 finalists will depend on who garners the highest votes

More details are available on their Facebook page: HERE! and click the ʻSpin Master 2ʼ link on the right column, listen to the candidates and hit ʻvoteʼ for your favourite, click again to confirm! You can vote for as many people as you like, but only one vote per DJ per Facebook account. Number of votes (likes on Facebook) will go dark towards the end of the voting period, so to find out who made it, catch Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 episodes will air on Astro Hitz channel 705, every Wednesday from June 8, 2011 onwards at 3:30pm. For updated screening times, please log into ASTRO.

Asyari Amir

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