Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just Something To Think About

I'm not gonna talk about events. Not today. I'm also not gonna talk about music, movies, automobile, video games and etc as many others have done so. Instead, today I'm gonna give my readers (if any) something to think about. Something to wonder of and deliberate over. Some of you may and some of you may have not seen this ad before. Although it's only an ad, what is portrayed and conversed on this ad is very much the truth of things. But before I show you the actual ad, here's a behind the scene look at what the story/idea was behind the story;

So, without further a due, an ad directed by the late Yasmin Ahmad, Funeral TVC;
(Hope this will really make all of you open your eyes out there to the truth that is conversed and portrayed in this ad)

Asyari Amir
In Memory of Yasmin Ahmad

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